In this tutorial I’m going to recolor this white rose into a red one.

Start by opening the image you want to recolor. You can use mine if you want.

Then choose the color you would want on your image. I took a dark red color.

After that you choose a hard 70px or so brush.

Make a new layer and choose linear burn as the blending mode. Leave opacity at 100%.

Start brushing but leave the small details for now…

Now choose a small 10px or so hard brush and start brushing details.

Now my image looks like this 🙂

Still not perfect though. Let’s use a little blur by going to Filters > Blur > Blur more around 3 times to fix the hard edges.

After that add some noise. Go to Filter > Noise > Add noise and do 2,50% Gaussian with Monochromatic noise checked.

Now we’re done! Here is my result:

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial. If you would like more, why not request some at our forum?

© Richard “Gothex” Haggblom