The tools that will be used in this tutorial are: Stamp Tool, Healing Brush, and Dodge Tool.

Select your photo. For this tutorial I used a regular eye stock photo.

To Lighten up the skin/eye Go to Image>Adjustments>Replace color.

Do this a few times, selecting different areas each time to pale the skin down to give it a albino look.
* After each selection choose OK and then repeat with another selection

Next using the Stamp Tool, select a plain part of the eye and using Alt+Click and painting over the area with. Make a few selections till the iris is covered. Don’t worry to much with how neat it looks.

Then select the Healing Brush to blend in the area that was created with the Stamp Tool. Again using Alt+click.

After that choose your Dodge Tool, with an exposure of around 25%, and for Range select Shadow. And go over the whole eyeball area a few times.

The final result:

*Note – for diffrent light exposures of some photos you may have to play around a bit more.
* Replace Color may not work well with over exposed photos.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you did I’d like to hear your comment.
If you have any questions feel free to write them on the forum at ArtCone

? Tutorial written by Jason Poston – Spllogics All rights reserved.