Learn how to create cyanotype effects quickly and effectively in Photoshop

Hello and welcome to this tutorial on cyanotype effect photographs.
Cyanotyping is not quite as easy to acheive well as, for example, sepia effects; hopefully this short tutorial will show you how to get good effects with a fairly simple technique (A more


Firstly convert to grayscale, Image > Mode > Greyscale. Then convert to duotone mode, Image > Mode > Duotone.

These are the settings I have used for the duotone ink colours, but you can change them to suit your image if not using the stock I have included.

Curve settings for my image:

The image can look a little washed out, so I鈥檝e included an adjustment layer (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast. Settings I used were:
Brightness + 37
Contrast + 17

Thats about it, as I said its not as easy to get right as sepia tones, but hopefully trying this with your own pictures will give a good result 馃檪


About the author:

I live in Northern Ireland, currently still in school studying to do Sonic Arts at university. Enjoy photography (Nikon D70) and Photoshop (Cs), aswell as playing bass in jazz bands and singing choral/classical works.
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