In this tutorial you will learn a few quick steps on how to change your B/W images to color.

The first process we are going to use duotones. First we want to change it to a greyscale. On your top bar go to Images/Modes/Greyscale.It will ask to discard color information click OK.After that go back to Images/Modes and select Duotone.

Now in the three slots play with your colors to get a desired look.

Next Way to change your image to color is using Hue/Saturation.Make sure your in RGB mode. Image/Mode/ RGBThen go to Image/Adjustments/ Hue/Saturation

In the Hue Pallete Make sure colorize is selected (bottom right) and from there you can adjust your Hue,?Saturation, and Lighting.

Another Quick step is Photo Filters.Photo filters is found in your Images/Adjustments/Photo Filter. From here you can select a preset filter color or your own color and then set the density for the color.

Color Balance is another way of adjusting/filling in color. Simply go to Images/Adjustments/Color Balance In the pallete you can change the Shadow, Midtone, and Highlight tones of your photo.

Last way is using the paint brush and filling in your colors by hand.First step you want to create a new layer above your photo.

Next select that layer in the layer pallete and set the blend modes to Color.

After that you can select your brush and adjust your brush size to your needs.then select a color and start filling in areas. For each color i would recomend making a new layer (following the previous step)

After some playing this is my finished photo. This was done quick but take your time and things should turn out nicely.

Written By Jason Poston – Spllogics