This nifty technique will show you how you can get text inside an object using Photoshop.

Open up photoshop cs then make a new image of 400×400 (or anysize you like).

Next make a new layer and fill with white. Then go to the custom shape tool

to get more shapes click on the arrow and select all – and select append or ok

next choose a shape that you like. Any shape thats got alot of black – i chose the blobish goo shape 馃榾

Before you draw the shape make sure that the line tool is selected –

now draw the shape anysize. You鈥檒l get the shape with a thin grey line.
Now select the text tool. Move the text tool over the line, and you will see that a line goes through the text tool icon. Move it inside the shape and there are brackets around it. Click inside the shape, and a dotted line box will appear around the object, and you can start typing.

Put the font to size 8 arial and type the word “goo” or anything you like (ill choose green goo 馃檪 ) now highlight this and press ctrl+c then press ctrl+v space ctrl + v space. Copy this again, and press ctrl and v untill the whole text fills the object. If youve chosen a light colour change the background to black (fill the bottom layer with black or 50% grey).

Click on a different layer, and you will see the the grey lines dissapear. Now, put guidelines around the object to give u a guide (snap should be on) Now put the custom shape tool in the top corner and then drag to give you an exact copy of the original shape. When this is done, grap the text tool, and put text along the line – “goo” again. Then deselect (ctrl+d) and select a different layer. Voila