Quick and easy tutorial to creating an accurate Sun Print.

It has been long known that leaving negatives on specially treated paper in sunlight causes an exposure. Later versions of the paper also had the toning salts incorperated, so no other developing process was needed.
The typical results of this process were rich and vibrant golden browns, oranges, sometimes purples.
Sun prints are very easy to replicate on photoshop, so:

You will need to start with a Black and White image in RGB mode – so open your chosen picture.

Ctrl + Shift + U to desaturate.

Layers > New Fill Layer > Solid Colour, default will be black – just click ok.
In the layers pallet, set the blend mode of this fill layer to Colour Burn, then double click the black square icon beside the name to open the configuration window again.
Pick your colour, somewhere in oranges/yellows will normally suit a Sun Print replication. The colour I used is #D58925.

This will give something similar to this:

Looking at the result so far, the colour is fine but levels and brightness/contrast could do with a little change.
Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness & Contrast
Fiddle around until you are happy, I’m using +35 Brightness, +6 Contrast

Similarly with Layers > New Adjustment Layer > Levels, tweak the settings until you get the levels of shadow, midtone and highlight you want.

My final result:

Thats all there is to making an accurate reproduction of the Sun Print tecnhique. If you would like further information or help understanding aspects of this topic, please post in the Tutorial Talk Forum.


About the author:

I live in Northern Ireland, currently still in school studying to do Sonic Arts at university. Enjoy photography (Nikon D70) and Photoshop (Cs), aswell as playing bass in jazz bands and singing choral/classical works.
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