How to convert RGB images to infrared in a few simple steps.

Hello and welcome to the tutorial
If you have been put off infrared photography because of all the hastle with film storage etc, you can now make convincing infrared shots with your digital camera and a few tweaks in Photoshop 馃檪


1. Open up the stock image in Photoshop and duplicate the layer. On the top layer, you need to give a slight gaussian blur. Around 10 pixels should do it, or to your own taste.

2. Above these layers, insert a Chanel Mixer adjustment layer, and use settings similar to mine:

3. When you are happy with how the channel mixer has turned out, make another new layer above it. Edit > Fill and use 50% grey.

4. Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Make sure it is set to Monochromatic and Gaussian, setting the ammount to taste. I have used 20 in this tutorial.

5. Now, the final step is to make a Levels adjustment layer underneath your Channel Mixer. Here are the settings I used, but they will depend on what you used in the other steps. Just personal preference 馃檪 Set this noise layer鈥檚 blend mode to overlay.

Thats it, you should wind up like something below. Hope the tutorial is useful to some of the photographers out there 馃檪
~ Cof ~

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I live in Northern Ireland, currently still in school studying to do Sonic Arts at university. Enjoy photography (Nikon D70) and Photoshop (Cs), aswell as playing bass in jazz bands and singing choral/classical works.
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