This tutorial will show you how to created a photo manipulation using Photoshop.

Photomanipulation ranges in difficulty. Here I will shoe you a few tips to bring out more depth and get rid of unwanted parts of an image and/or blend them in.These are the stocks I chose to use in this tutorial, but these techniques can be applied using your own photos. The photos are in order to how I have them on my Photoshop palette.

1. Open up your main image. (Photo of an eye in this matter). If the image is in color go to- Image/Adjustment/Desaturate to change the image to B/W.

2a. Add your 2nd image to the palette. Do this by opening the image in photoshop and dragging it to your other palette or copy and paste it.

2b. Change the blend mode to Multiply or whichever you like. Most the time the Blend Mode option will depend on your image.

This is what we have so far.

3. Next we add a mask to the 2nd layer and using the brush tool (soft brush) set to black. (Black takes away, White brings back). Use Different Brush opacity setting to bland in the areas better

4. We add layer 3 and set it to blend mode color, then duplicate this layer and set the blend mode to overlay. After that Select your Burn tool (25% Exposure) and darken in a few areas around the iris to give some depth to the eye and add shadows.

(You can also go in and darken up and other place you feel needs it.).

5. Next apply layer 5 and set the blend mode to Multiply.

6. The final layer in this tutorial layer 6 we bring it to our palette and set the blend mode to Darken. Then we add a mask and hide the areas we don’t want to show. Now we are done. You can go in and change levels, hues, and more burn areas, or whatever you desire and change the look.

Tutorial written by Jason Poston – Spllogics