First I created a new document slightly bigger than the image I will be using, then
I placed my image in a new layer.

Next go to Edit/Transform and select Warp.

This will add a grid to your image.

Next take your selection tool and drag the points to your desired fold.

After that going to our layer modes select Drop Shadow.

and select the angel and setting that you prefer. Now we should have a nice
folded paper with a slight shadow.

Lets go on to the masking tape.Create a new layer. Select your Marquee tool and make a rectangle.

Then add a fill color to your selection. Try a brownish yellow.

Next select your lasso marquee tool and make some jagged/ripped edges.
Make a selection and press delete.

After that add a few Layer options. Lets add a Drop Shadow, Stain and Pattern Overlay.

Add Just a slight Drop Shadow to your tape.

Then a low opacity stain.

Next select a rocky Patter Overlay with a small scale and low opacity.

Click OK when your satisfied. Then select your tape layer and give it about 70-80 Opacity.

And finally rotate or move your tape tot he desired location.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you did I’d like to here your comment .
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Tutorial written by All rights reserved.