Lets take a look at how Vanishing points can work to remove and unwanted part of an image.

This is my beginning image. In this photo I would like to remove the worm and leave the Skink in the photo.

Step 1: We want to go to Filter/Vanishing Points.

Step 2: In out vanishing Points Window the 1st option is to create a grid.

Step 3: We create the grid by making 4 points with a perspective slant as shown below.If the Grid shows Red Adjust it some with your selection tool.

Step 4: Go to our tool menu and select the Stamp Tool. You have a few options at the top. Select healing – On.

Step 5: With our Stamp Tool selected the grid will change to a green box showing you the border of the grid you created. Inside this grid box hold down Alt + click near the front on the grid box. This will make a selection.You can see the green + where I made my selection. Now, Drag your mouse around the object you want to remove. You may have to change selection points though out this possess. You will see that the mouse cursor will change perspective while you move the mouse back and fourth thought the Perspective grid.

After your done click OK. If you mess up thats fine in the Vanish Points you can use ctl+z to step back.

And we have our finished image. Keep playing and you will find this to be a very useful tool to help out in lots of ways.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you did I’d like to here your comment.

Tutorial written by http://www.spllogics.com All rights reserved.