Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints

Inner Visions of an Outer Reality

Captured in Time and Preserved on Canvas

The works of new-age surrealistic slovenian artist: Domen Lombergar

The works of Domen Lombergar can only be described as truly innovative images, summoned from the innermost recesses of the imagination. His contemporary style is unique among artists, confidently demonstrated by his ability to capture almost dreamlike visions and shroud them in deep illustrious colors and textures.

His magnificent array of timeless prints, many depicting various segments of the human anatomy appear to blend seamlessly with modern every day inanimate objects, giving the unmistaken impression of unadulterated illusion.

In whatever room a print may be chosen to grace, it will undoubtedly create a focal point and perhaps more importantly initiate the topic of conversation among family, friends and visitors.

This young Slovenian digital artist, creates and presents most of his works within a two dimensional parameter, which leads the eye to first scan the subject matter then to peer over the perimeters into the deep mysterious background imagery.

The surrealism of his works seemingly moves the observer to question the message within the abstract metaphors, whilst the raw and untamed passion is indiscriminately expressed within the confines of his canvas.

Domen’s unique style has often been defined as expressionistic, hyper realistic or surrealistic. The quality of his art has prompted numerous positive critiques, which have been documented on many Slovenian and other foreign websites. His new-age digital artworks have recently attracted various media attention and have also appeared in many prestigious Internet galleries.
The Beauty of New-Age Art

The new-age has spawned a generation of artists who have harnessed and mastered the tools of technology, which has allowed them to express their deepest innermost creativeness beyond the limits of imagination. A new dawn is upon us and exciting new art forms are emerging. Domen Lombergar is an artist at the forefront of this revolution.

As paints and brushes give way to pixels and software programs, the new canvas of this pioneering genre has become the computer monitor. The new-age artist is arguably as skilled with a mouse as any that have gone before him was with a brush. But despite the advancement in tools, which are now widely available, little else has changed.

The new-age artist possesses the same characteristics and attributes as any of the great masters, all now reconciled to the art history books. It is not just a common ability to create which links the artists of today with those of the past, but a common inner vision, which they demonstrate throughout their works.

An expression of passion, imagination and the ability to be able to look into the inner soul and mind is what makes a true artist uniquely different from the mainstream. And these are the undisputed qualities of Domen Lombergar.

The acclaimed American painter, Robert Henri (1865-1929), once said, “When the artist is alive in any person . . . he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressing creature. He becomes interesting to other people. He disturbs, upsets, enlightens, and he opens ways for better understanding.”

Now that we have loosely defined, somewhat uncovered and almost revealed something of the true artist, let’s move our attention to that of the surreal and fantasy fiction artist.

Domen Lombergar is a young, highly talented Slovenian artist, who continues to demonstrate his mastery of technology and has the ability to combine these skills to produce a variety of surreal and thought provoking images.
Immense Yourself in Fantasy & Surrealism

Surrealism is an artistic, cultural and intellectual movement oriented toward the liberation of the mind by emphasizing the critical and imaginative faculties of the “unconscious mind”. It has also been defined as the attainment of a state different from, more than, and ultimately truer than everyday reality. The “sur-real”, or “more than real” can only be experienced through vision and inner feeling.

For many surrealists, and Domen Lombergar in particular, this orientation toward transcending everyday reality toward one that incorporates imagination and the unconscious has manifested itself towards the intent to bring about personal, cultural, political and social revolution. It is often conceived or described as a complete transformation of life as perceived through freedom, poetry, love, and sexuality.

The Lombergar collection suggests an appreciation of the power of emotion over life, destiny and fear, not often seen in the works of other surreal artists. Domen Lombergar is evidently in a class of his own.

Fantasy art is a genre of art that depicts magical or other supernatural themes, ideas, creatures or settings. While there are some characteristics associated with science fiction, horror and other speculative fiction art, there are unique elements not generally found in other forms of speculative fiction art.

Depictions of ancient myths and legends, as well as representations of modern day fantasy in the form of divine interventions and other magical or supernatural forces, are very common elements, and help distinguish fantasy art from other forms. Dragons, wizards, fairies and other fantasical and mythical creatures are common features of fantasy art.

Fantasy art is strongly linked to fantasy fiction. Indeed fantasy art pieces are often intended to represent specific characters or scenes from works of fantasy literature. Such works often created by amateur artists is sometimes called “fanart”.

The contemporary works of Domen Lombergar are unrestricted by the realms of surrealism and fantasy fiction and quite often portray aspects of both. His unrestrained approach to fantasy art has earned him the reputation of being “above and beyond” the classic fantasy artists at this period in time.
The Forefront of Contemporary Artwork

The term contemporary art generally refers to art being created today. The use of the literal adjective “contemporary” to define this period in art history is partly due to the lack of any distinct or dominant school of art as recognized by artists, art historians and art critics. It tends to include art created from the 1960s to the present day, or after the supposed end of modern art or the Modernist period.

However, artists still practice in the creation of modern art today, just as they are creating all forms of art in practically all other past styles.

Art produced or performed since Modernism is sometimes called postmodern art, but as postmodernism can refer to both a historical timeframe and an aesthetic approach, many contemporary artists’ work does not exhibit some of the key elements of the postmodern era. “Contemporary” is therefore often the preferred term as it is more inclusive.

Contemporary art often also crosses the boundaries of medium as it is not limited by materials or methodology. It may or may not use traditional forms such as painting, drawing, and sculpture but may engage performance, installation, video and employ any number of materials, readymade objects and technologies.

It often engages a multi-disciplinary discourse, utilizing a diverse body of skills and people to ultimately engage the masses with a substantial, and sometimes provocative discourse pertaining to the relevant issues shaping the world right now. It is continually engaging, and affecting the boundaries of perception.

The relationship between the viewer and the artist has grown increasingly complex over the later half of the 20th century and into the 21st. Contemporary art is becoming increasingly more global, and is slowly breaking down the cultural barriers that separate the antiquated elitism of high art from the public forum.

Domen Lombergar has embraced and utilized the emerging 21st century technologies, adapting them to enable him to create his own intimate version of new-age contemporary art.
Why Limited Edition Prints are a Pleasurable Investment

Some people buy works of art for pure indulgence. Visual pleasure helps form emotional attachment. Others might purchase art because they sense a profitable investment. When you purchase a Lombergar print, you undoubtedly have the benefit of both.

All Lombergar prints are of a limited edition of only 30 to 50 pieces, hand-signed and dated by the artist himself. They are printed on the highest quality fine art canvas (ready for mounting and framing) using high quality pigmented UV and water resistant archival inks.

Under normal viewing display conditions, and if framed behind glass, you can expect these giclee reproductions to endure for up to 100 years before any sign of fading may be noticed.
The Quality Of A Giclee Canvas Print

Giclee reproductions were originally developed in 1989 as a plate-less method of fine art printing. (The word Giclée is French and means “to spurt or spray “) The images are scanned and digitally stored in a computer and sent directly to a high resolution printer. Unlike other printing methods, each image is sent to the printer individually

Giclees are superior to traditional lithography in several ways. The colors are brighter, last longer, and are so high-resolution that they are virtually continuous tone, rather than tiny dots. The range, or “gamut” of color for giclees is far beyond that of lithography.

They are coveted by collectors, and desired by galleries because they don’t have to be produced in huge quantities with their large layout of capital and storage. employs their own giclee printer and operator and uses ‘Magiclee Fine Art Canvas’, allowing for more flexibility, experimentation, custom work, quick turnaround and lower costs to the art print buyer.
Why are Lombergar Prints in Such Demand?

There are a number of reasons why art buyers, collectors and surreal and fantasy art lovers seek out the unique works of Domen Lombergar.
He appears to possess an adept ability to captivate and cultivate a single thought, transform it into a vision then release it onto a canvas for all to enjoy.

Domen is a young emerging digital artist, possessing recognized intuitive talent, which has propelled him to the forefront of his craft.

Considering the world as his infinite market, his limited edition art works can only increase in value over time, making for a sound investment opportunity.

The unique abstract imagery he portrays throughout his concepts, makes his work extremely collectible and highly desirable.

Domen’s finest high quality prints are digitally reproduced using only state-of the-art inks and printer technology, ensuring high resolution and color presentation.

Prints are reproduced onto the best possible printing media, Magiclee Fine Art Canvas as opposed to paper, which is considered to be much less durable.

All prints are hand-signed and dated personally by the artist, ensuring your guarantee of authenticity.

Print size is generally larger than many other comparable artworks. At a full 60cm x 45cm (24” x 18”), they are most suited to the majority of halls and rooms of any internal dimensions.

Domen Lombergar’s quality prints are available to art lovers and collectors based anywhere in the world. They are carefully packed and shipped in robust postal tubes for maximum protection and at no extra cost.
The Perfect Enduring Gift for Someone Special

There can be no better gift for a dearest loved one, a family member or an endearing friend, than a long lasting token of appreciation. Domen Lombergar’s visually stunning array of contemporary art, inspired by every facet of the human senses, includes a piece that will hold appeal to just about every palate.

Like a photograph, to see is to remember and to give is to be remembered. A quality Lombergar print will be treasured for all time and with it the memory of your discerning loyalty to one who means so much.

When words fail to express your true and inner feelings, a Lombergar print will say it all.
The Perfect Answer to Self-Indulgence

Adorn your hallway with a select Lombergar print and tantalize even your most briefest visitor. Offer a fleeting glimpse of a Lombergar artwork through a half-opened doorway of your home to all that call, and become part of the mystery in which you surround yourself.

Suspend a Lombergar print in the most prominent position in the most popular room of your house and prepare to be interrogated by all who enter. Such is the curiosity of all who cast their eyes upon a work of art that cunningly hides its meaning amongst the hues and tones.

In solitude you may want to fix a gaze on the unmistakable image before you, and go to that place, to wonder at its beauty or to fear its intensity. To study a Lombergar work of art is to experience a state of heightened awareness. To own a Lombergar artwork speaks volumes about you, your taste and your qualities of judgment.

The images on this website do not pay justice to the original Lombergar art prints, and are intended as a guide only. To be able to fully appreciate the quality of an actual Lombergar artwork, one needs to possess and display it in a prominent position, where it can be enjoyed publically or privately.
Quality Assurance Guarantee

We want you to rest assured and buy a Lombergar print with complete confidence. So if for any reason you find that your artwork is not of the highest standard expected, you can simply return the print within 30 days and we’ll give you a “no questions asked” 100% refund.

You’ll find that very few artists insist on including a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee. But then Domen Lombergar is an artist committed to producing artwork of the highest possible quality.

All prints can be purchased directly from this website through our secure 2 Checkout server connection, ensuring your credit card details remain safely encrypted during the payment processing transaction.

If you have any questions relating to any of the works displayed on this website or would like to receive further information, please contact Domen Lombergar directly.