What do you see yourself doing in 5 years time?

15 years time?

Raising your children … buying a home … furthering your career?

Maybe you’ll be taking holidays on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or rocking in a chair, knitting or whittling.

Or maybe you’ll be fighting for your life, fused with the machines that are the only things with the ability to survive in a planet we have destroyed.

Maybe you’ll need circuits | wires | motherboards | chips

To keep yourself alive you may have to submit to control by the things our race created.

Witness a dream land which is only around the corner from now, a dissolved reality.

Be pushed through a portal into a cyberworld which eats our bright but dying planet. Drag the sewer’s manhole cover off your fantasies, and live in a world where, “of course it is possible!”

Stretch the boundaries of what your mind can handle. You will come to enjoy the smooth metal of its limbs, its superior durability, its part immortality.

You will want to possess it, and feel the change from skin to metal to be and enter it.

Machine is freedom from the tribulations of human life. They have no need of a mortgage, they have no need of food, they have no insane urge to reproduce themselves.

Come to love the grotesque, because it is your future. Are you human?