Das Traumbild 2, 2005
Limited edition canvas print (signed)
60 x 45 cm

Taken as a study of relationships between color and composition curves between elements in the picture. The shadow that the centaur casts is deliberately put the way it is put – with that I was trying to achieve the surrealistic note of the artworks and additionally mentally deform the surface on which it stands. What I find fun about this image is that it started as an anatomically correct centaur.

The lack of detail on the head part can be attributed to the fact that it does not have that much of an importance on the image itself, it does however, in a combination with the brush stroke, own an additional composition value, as it ends up forming an imaginary circle (well, elipse). The sad part of it all is that the web version doesn’t even start to compare to the quality and amount of detail the original on canvas has, but that’s the way it is.

Dedicated to Stasha.