How to create a gel-style text effect with only a few steps. Good for sigs and web layouts.

Welcome to this quick tutorial on making a gel-style text.

You will need to make the text slightly bigger than you want the end result to be. Im using #139DDE for my colour, works well against the black background.

Go to Layer > Rasterise > Layer to make the text layer into a normal one you can work with.

If the background is not black, I would recomment going to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke and adding a 1px wide black stroke.

Now Layer > Layer Style > Bevel and Emboss. These are the values that worked for me.

It’s important to set the Gloss Contour to resemble this:


Thats all there is to it, would be useful for sigs or web templates. If you add an outer glow of the same colour with a high spread this can also be used to be like a neon sign.

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