This tutorial will teach you how to do artificial grafitti in Photoshop.

1. open up a new photshop document 900 by 300px with a white background.

2. ok first, find a nice brick color, like DA2C2C, and set it as your foreground color.

3. select the paint bucket tool (g), and fill the document with your brick color.

3. go to >filters >texture >texturizer.
-texture: brick
-scaling: 130%
-relief: 13
-light: top left
-invert: no

4. Ok, now you have some bricks to graffiti up :] create a new layer, and hit ’d’ to reset
you color palette

6. pull out your brush tool (B), and enable airbrush (top center on your bar at the top)

7. set the brush size to about 8, opacity: 100%, flow: 50%

8. draw your graffiti.
(if you are too lazy to draw your own graffiti, then use a graffiti-like text font)

9-a. open up the layer styles window for your graffiti layer.
-blend mode> color
-gradient overlay> blend mode: overlay, opacity: 100, gradient: ’two color’(black to
white), style: linear, everything else: default
-color overlay> blend mode: normal, opacity: 55%, for the color: just choose a nice
color that contrasts the color of your bricks. i used 0036FF

9-b. still inside the layer style box, choose outer glow> blend mode: linear light,
opacity 80%, noise: 0. ok, now double click the gradient bar, to bring up the gradient
editor. choose the pre-made gradient: ’blue yellow blue’, and edit the colors on it to fit
with your color overlay.

now put in the following additional settings; technique: precise, spread: 13, size: 24.
in the bottom part (quality) play around with the different contours and ranges, until you
get something you like.

OKAY! now that you are done with your layer styles for your graffiti, lets play with the
bricks a little bit.

10. select the burn tool (o), and go crazy all over the bricks, to give them a dirty, grungy feel. use midtones, and 80% exposure.

11. zoom in a bit, on the very right side of the document. use the marquee tool (m) and start cutting away bricks, to make it look like the wall is falling apart at the end.

12. using the blur tool, at 30%, go over the edges of the bricks you cut away, to make them look less sharp.

13. if you want to distort your graffiti a little,
select your graffiti layer, and hit ctrl+t to enable free transform. rotate it a little; resize it; until you like it.

14. if you want to make it look coolio, then make a background layer, and fill it with white. and then apply a drop shadow to the brick layer.

This concludes my graffiti tutorial, i hope you learned something, and had a little fun!
this is my first ever tutorial written, give me feedback 😀